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We provide the premier platform, tools and services powering the rapid delivery of custom business technology solutions.

Our Vision

We will deliver a set of business technology utilities that become a critical part of the palette from which technically savvy users will assemble clean and beautiful business technology solutions that share data and functions freely and conform to the way users employ our portfolio of devices.

Our History

TrueNorth Technology Solutions and its predecessor, TrueNorth Solutions (founded in 2009), were created with the vision to bring together the ideas of large-scale integrated business software (often called Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP in industry) with rapid development (RAD), cloud and mobile technologies.

Our platform, Compass Agile Enterprise (CompassAE) was built from the outset to be multi-tenant, cloud-deployable and mobile-friendly. CompassAE changes the equation between packaged software and custom development, offering a continuum between the two and allowing for immediate productivity together with the flexibility of the embedded development platform and toolkit, as well as rich APIs as points of extension and integration.

Richard Koloski

Chief Executive Officer

Russell Holmes

Director of R&D

James Laskowski

Director of Professional Services
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About TrueNorth

We provide the premier platform, tools and services for powering the rapid delivery of custom business technology solutions using a powerful and proven common foundation for data, content, process and rules, and clean and modern multi-device user interfaces.

Compass Agile Enterprise is a powerful, cloud-based productivity suite enabling you to rapidly create, manage and update enterprise web and mobile applications.

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