How the internal team gets started

Posted: May 11, 2015 17:00
Topics: CompassAE, introduction

We've got "Getting Started" tutorials and videos, but it might be of interest to know how we get internal developers going on CompassAE, and how the seasoned internal developers start new projects.

Why we built CompassAE

Posted: May 11, 2015 16:45
Topics: CompassAE, architecture

It's a fair question. There are many tools out there in the tech landscape that could be compared to Compass Agile Enterprise in one way or another. So why CompassAE? Why this set of features?

New Site Launch

Posted: May 11, 2015 16:40
Topics: compass, website

TrueNorth Technology Solutions is proud to welcome you to our company’s new website. This redesign coincides with our public release of Compass Agile Enterprise. We’ve been meticulously developing this platform within our walls for years. Now that CompassAE is allowing businesses to rapidly develop custom applications, we’re rolling out resources to help.


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We provide the premier platform, tools and services for powering the rapid delivery of custom business technology solutions using a powerful and proven common foundation for data, content, process and rules, and clean and modern multi-device user interfaces.

Compass Agile Enterprise is a powerful, cloud-based productivity suite enabling you to rapidly create, manage and update enterprise web and mobile applications.

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